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Meet Your Hometown For The Holidays Artist: Saint Salem

Photo: Photo via Saint Salem

Meet your Hometown For The Holidays Artist, Saint Salem! Congrats for being one of our ten that we've been hearing all month long. I am SO happy that this song came to be a thing because it kicks some major butt.

Saint Salem is a Pittsburgh music project, created by basement musician Jess Bradley. After years of being loosely involved in the local music scene, mostly as a drummer, Jess began to focus his efforts on his solo project, that would eventually adopt the name Saint Salem. The project began with releasing one EP, "Goth Phase" consisting of songs that had sat unfinished for the better part of a decade and were intended to be love letters to old friends and styles of music they enjoyed together. The trajectory since then has become strictly focused on mass appeal and finding new ears. Jess also creates comedic video content, and although it's very different from his serious music endeavors, they both adhere to the same single rule. "If I'M bored, THEY'RE bored." He clarifies "You can't expect an audience to sit through something that can't even hold YOUR OWN attention."
"HOT WAX" is the latest release from Saint Salem. The song began as a joke and was intended to be used for a comedic video idea, but almost immediately, took on a life of its own. "It sounded too cool to sacrifice to comedy" said Jess. "It sounded basically like what you hear now, but with slightly more explicit lyrics." HOT WAX was intended to be released with a music video that is still in production, but was picked as one of the top 10 submissions for 105.9 The X's Hometown for the Holidays contest, forcing an early release by offering radio exposure for the month of December. The video is still on its way to completion along with other new music and video content coming very soon.

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Photo via Saint Salem

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