Feature of the Week - Atlantic Wasteland

Atlantic Wasteland, an alt rock outfit in town initiated the #GIVEaDAMN campaign at the end of August, organized to highlight Pittsburgh's BIPOC artists, essentially utilizing their platform to give others a voice. The campaign is three-fold:

  1. They released their new single, "Give A Damn!", released on August 28th. Single available on their Bandcamp.
  2. Atlantic Wasteland is partnering with the incomparable Black Forge Coffee House to create a unique coffee blend, with all proceeds benefitting 1HoodMedia, an arts organization in Pittsburgh that is comprised of activists and artists alike advocating for social justice. (1Hood does so, so much more than that - see their website here.) All purchases of the single will also go to 1Hood.
  3. The third element to the campaign was a social hashtag-driven event on the day of the single's release, 8.28, where artists, collaborators, anyone involved in the arts scene in Pittsburgh posted their work with the hashtag #GIVEaDAMN to bring attention to systemic racism and continuing the conversation.

Web: https://www.atlanticwasteland.com/

Thumbnail courtesy of Atlantic Wasteland - You'll Never See The Bigger Picture If You're Standing That Close

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