Feature of the Week - LoFi Delphi

This week we're highlighting LoFi Delphi, the pop/rock band in Pittsburgh comprised of Becki Gallagher (vocals/keys), Andrew Belsick (bass), Tyler Jessup (drums), Andrew MacDonald (guitar/vocals) and Adam Jannon-Fischer (guitar/vocals/keys). They're promoting the new single, "Sweet Sweet," released last spring.

One aspect of the band I really enjoy, and one they emphasize, is that their band is very collaborative - everyone writes, everyone plays. "Sweet Sweet," heard tonight on Edge of the X, is catchy, upbeat and a solid testament to what you're in for when diving deeper into their works. They recently postponed a gig that was slated for August - but stay tuned for future moves from them. Once live shows are more common, you must add them to your list.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoFiDelphiMusic/

Bandcamp: https://lofidelphi.bandcamp.com/

Instagram: @lofidelphimusic

Twitter: @LoFiDelphiMusic

Thumbnail courtesy of LoFi Delphi. Album art by Morgan Jessup.

LoFi Delphi - Photo by Suhail Baloch

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