Feature of the Week - Water Trash

Tonight's feature, Water Trash, is a 5-piece rock outfit in town with a pretty killer album they put out in February called Pleasure Palace - a single from the album, "My Dear," airs at 9:51 on Edge of the X.

They have elements of psych rock and garage, and it makes for remarkably easy listening. Water Trash now has three full-length albums under their belt, each one with its own differentiating sound. Pleasure Palace seems like the perfect addition to the trifecta of works, particularly as it hones in on the more psychadelic sounds they started out creating. Check out their interviews/reviews of the album with Scott Tady from the Beaver County Times and with Melted Magazine's Noemi Griffin.

Though they've been relatively quiet as the industry continues to lull, over the summer they donated their 8-bit remixes on Bandcamp to raise money for the Bukit Bail Fund and SisTers Pgh, a transgender centered space that provides various resources in Pittsburgh for transgender and nonbinary communities.

Members: Carter Vannoy (vocals/guitar), Ryan Hartman (vocals/guitar), Victor Tonti (bass), Ryan (Ocean) Killen (keys), and Cheyenne Raithel (drums).

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watertrashpa/

Bandcamp: https://watertrashpa.bandcamp.com/

Instagram/Twitter: @watertrasphpa

Thumbnail courtesy of Water Trash. Pleasure Palace - artwork by Sofi Skidgel

Water Trash -"Pleasure Palace" Release Show, Mr Smalls Theatre. Photo by Drum Factory Direct

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