Feature of the Week - The Moat Rats

I'm so excited to put you on to this week's feature. I first saw The Moat Rats live at the Thunderbird last year and was completely blown away by their on-stage chemistry and big (really big) sound. They're immaculate live, but their recordings are just as solid. Their debut album, Year of the Rat, includes the single, "Days," which you can check out tonight on Edge of the X. Justin's sax along with a really memorable build elevates the track, and is so much fun to hear on the air. Many thanks for the radio edit, friends. This album has great production quality as well, thanks to Mr. Smalls. All in all, The Moat Rats outdo themselves with each new release.

The band talked to Pittsburgh City Paper about their massive sound and how they capture it properly in their studio. '"We still try to keep that element of a live band feel in our recordings," says Blotzer. "We recorded basically all the tracks in a room together live... We didn't want to get too far away from that and feel overproduced because that's not who we are."' For the full interview with Jordan Snowden, check it out here.

No matter what, whether you tune in tonight or dig into their work later on, prepare yourself for Karli's vocals. Insanity.

Karli Blotzer (vocals), Liam Kress (vocals/keys), James Held (drums), Brad Lang (rhythm guitar), Dylan Davey (lead guitar), Daniel Rouse (bass), (Justin Benzino (tenor sax)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themoatrats/

Twitter/Instagram: @themoatrats

Thumbnail courtesy of The Moat Rats, Year of the Rat. Art work by Morysetta.

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