Feature of the Week - Jon Worthy

Frontman Jon Worthy hails from Pittsburgh but has since moved to Nashville, where Jon Worthy & the Bends have been busy touring and recording. The band currently has three albums, one in collaboration with Lincoln Parish (Cage the Elephant), and inclusion on some impressive festivals such as Musikfest. Works from the full band are incorporating new influences all the time, with definite Americana/indie rock sounds, but the band describes themselves best as "if Nirvana had a baby with The Lumineers." Their new single, "She's Alright," released Friday and is the first song fully recorded and produced by Jon himself. The single premieres tonight on Edge of the X.

Instagram: @jonworthymusic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonworthymusic

Bandcamp: https://jonworthy.bandcamp.com/

Thumbnail courtesy of Jon Worthy - artwork by Ellie Kennedy.

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