Feature of the Week - Tiny Wars

There's a new band in town, which is cause for celebration - especially when they debut with such a mighty single as "Drama Club." Tiny Wars is a power pop/rock group hailing mostly from Pittsburgh, save for lead vocalist and drummer/keyboardist Sue Pedrazzi, originally from Basel, Switzerland. Her voice is unreasonably cool.

The rest of Tiny Wars' members may be familiar - they all have backgrounds in previous Pittsburgh bands. Along with Sue, the band is complete with Rocko Maharg on guitar (Mother Hawk), Abby Krizner on vocals and guitar (Fist Fight in the Parking Lot, Motorpsychos), and Aaron Hutzel on bass (Von Dane, D76). If you're looking for another fun fact, Sue is also married into the Pittsburgh music community - her husband is Dave Wheeler from Outside/Inside, Limousine Beach, and Carousel. The musical history and environment that comes with this band is no joke.

Tiny Wars released their debut single, "Drama Club," on October 16. Originally slated to premiere in July along with a release show, the band took the opportunity - as did most of the industry - to majorly pivot. Instead, Tiny Wars sharpened their home recording skills and have been welcoming their fans by letting them in on the process via social media. The single, which is completely self-produced, was also recorded separately.

The release of "Drama Club" was coupled with a music video, a cool homage to each band member's history, chronological journeys in music, and finally, their uniting as the city's newest outfit, Tiny Wars. Stay on the lookout for what's next.

"Drama Club" airs tonight on Edge of the X.

"Tiny Wars radiates lyrical empowerment, often crystallizing the angst and ire of past and present times, the vulnerability of falling in love, and learning to pick yourself back up again no matter how many tries it takes." - TW

Facebook: https://bit.ly/2J5PSGj
Twitter: @tinywarspgh
Instagram: @tiny.wars
Bandcamp: tinywars.bandcamp.com

Thumbnail courtesy of Tiny Wars - artwork created by Rocko Maharg, digitized by Chris Kraski

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