Featuring Caleb Kopta - Hometown for the Holidays 2020

Caleb Kopta is a solo, alt/rock artist in Pittsburgh, originally from Cochranton who has always been surrounded by music. Head to Caleb's website and you'll discover his father was a music minister, his first concert was when he was two months old (hoping he had ear plugs) and delves into the way he describes his sound. Caleb has opened for some impressive artists such as White Reaper, Motherfolk, Parachute, and Billy Raffoul.

The description continues, '"Caleb Kopta is crafting a niche for himself in the modern alternative rock landscape with honest lyrics, driving guitars and a desire to craft the soundtrack to life's everyday experiences.'" That sentiment holds true - Caleb's single, "Kids," centers around nostalgic love, whereas his more recent release, "Foreign Language," delves into a more modern love story and the impact screens/technology can have on the way we connect with others. For a full review on the single, check out Melanie Stangl's piece for Sound Scene Express. Both storylines are relevant, relatable, and a testament to the genuine songwriting and feel we get from Caleb.

Along with many others, Caleb chose to mostly stay off of social media and pull back on promo during 2020 - but he did take part in an interview with Mari Hinchley at Alphabetical Order that really delivers. Caleb discusses his time auditioning for The Voice, his musical preferences (some will surprise you, some will not) - and his distaste for the industry's current emphasis on rapid releases.

"'I would rather hit pause, take a look at the long term, and try not to force stuff out or push to create something. Instead I've been spending the year letting things happen naturally ... I feel the same way about releasing new music. I have songs ready to go that I still need to get recorded, but I want to go and record with a real producer and have songs that can compete on radio. I don’t wanna mess around.'" - Alphabetical Order

It's definitely working. Dig into into Caleb's honest but polished EP and single releases, and enjoy, "Kids" which is in regular rotation on the X through the end of the month.

Web: https://www.calebkopta.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/calebkoptamusic/
Twitter/Instagram: @calebkoptamusic
Youtube: youtube.com/c/CalebKoptamusic/featured

Thumbnail courtesy of Caleb Kopta.

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