Featuring Serpent Lord - Hometown for the Holidays 2020

Meet Serpent Lord, a heavier Hometown band with elements of doom currently in rotation on the X. The band consists of Chris Booth, Jason Sichi, Bill Criss, Kevin Kupecz, and Jeff Kalp.

You can find them on Bandcamp, where they included their two albums, their eponymous release from 2014 and Volume 2, which came out in 2017. "Bernie," can be found on their sophomore album, as well as on the X for the rest of December during Hometown for the Holidays.

The have done several interviews with 412nes, including a feature from their performance during an event called "They Can Cover our Ears But We Won't Stop Screaming," a benefit show to raise money and awareness for Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR) at Altar Bar in 2016.

They have been compared to Alice in Chains by Heavy Planet ahead of their first album, as well as praised for their on-stage chemistry and for the impressive and melodic vocals of frontman Chris Booth. Upon hearing "Bernie" at the beginning of Hometown, I was completely enthralled with Booth's power and style that at once stood out and provided a perfect element to the band's grittier sound. I'm so glad they're on the X, "Bernie," is truly a great fit. As we look to close out Hometown, I can't help but be proud of the fact that we have a healthy dose of differing sounds in the Top 10 mix, a testament to how much talent there is to enjoy in Pittsburgh, regardless of genre, or whatever box these bands have been put in previously.

I have yet to see them live but I'm grateful to have a new band on my list. They are now firmly planted on my radar, and they should be on yours too! Their last performance was in early March at Loose Moose Saloon with special guest Neostem. Follow them on Facebook and stay tuned for what's next for Serpent Lord in 2021.

Bandcamp: https://serpentlord.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/serpentlord/

Thumbnail courtesy of Serpent Lord.

Video produced by Trish Smith of 412unes.

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