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Chris Kunitz walloped Nashville's P.K. Subban with a cross-check to the back of the head last night.

The only thing bothersome about what Kunitz did is that he got caught and penalized, and that Evgeni Malkin took an offensive-zone penalty at the same time. Five-on-three for Nashville. But the Penguins escaped unscathed.

Kunitz' cross-check is typical of what the Penguins endure ALL THE TIME.

The referees won't protect. The NHL won't help.

So do unto others. Just don't get caught.

The Predators ran Matt Murray last night. So Sidney Crosby bumped Pekka Rinne behind the Nashville net. Tit-for-tat. #WONDERFUL

Jim Rutherford plans to enable the Penguins to address the problem more directly next year. The Pens GM reportedly plans to acquire a tough guy capable of playing a regular shift. Problem is, there aren't many of those.

Meantime, Malkin fought P.K. Subban. Actually, they just hugged it out.

Defenseman Ian Cole was on the ice for that bout and said, "All I'm thinking is, 'Geno, don't punch him in the helmet.' "

That's sound thinking. No need for Malkin's brilliance (or a finger) to be #BROKEN.


Anybody else feel like having a Black Russian?

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