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When I heard “Death Wish” was being remade with Bruce Willis in the Charles Bronson role, I feared the worst. The original franchise was a bit gory, but graphic violence fit the story. Would the remake be sanitized?

Then I learned that Eli Roth was directing. When it comes to blood-spattered violence, there’s nobody better. Witness the "Hostel" franchise.

The trailer is being called “alt-right fan fiction” and “nakedly fascist.”

What else is new? The New York Times called the 1974 original “a bird-brained movie to cheer the hearts of the far-right wing.”

Of course it was. The same very likely applies to the remake (set in Chicago, the nation’s current murder capital).

“Death Wish” is about vigilante killings. About justice that isn’t social. It’s mindless escapism, like so many movies. Watch, or don’t.

I plan on watching. You can’t go wrong with a movie that includes:

*All-time Chicago radio great Mancow.

*Dean Norris of “Breaking Bad” again playing a cop.

*A soundtrack that features AC/DC.

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