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I want all the calls made correctly. But the saturation of replay has robbed the NFL of so much.

Consider the marvelous touchdown catch made by Houston's DeAndre Hopkins in the fourth quarter of yesterday's game between Hopkins' Texans and the Steelers.

Hopkins was entangled with Steelers' defensive back Joe Haden in the end zone when Hopkins tipped the ball to himself and contorted his body to stay inbounds.

It's a contender for catch of the year. But it didn't get a monster pop from the crowd, like it should have, or even from the announcers on TV. Why?

Because you had to wait for the replay. You held back because replay could negate the catch, just like too many others in recent weeks.

We will very rarely exalt 100 per cent on a catch like that, because we are now conditioned to wait for the replay. By the time it's confirmed, the buzz is cut in half because it isn't live.

Did it survive the ground? Was the catch completed? You know all the catchphrases.

So, what's the solution?

There isn't one. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. Anything that gets less calls right would be logically absurd.

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