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Sweden lost to Canada 3-1 in the finals of the World Junior Championship at Buffalo Friday.

Upon receiving his silver medal, Sweden captain Lias Andersson promptly chucked it into the stands.

That kid’s a punk, and that’s an act both immature and dumb.

But adults are actually defending this brat. “He’s a real competitor.” “He just wants to win real bad.” “I’d want him on my team.”

I’d want Andersson on my team, too. The New York Rangers selected him seventh overall in last year’s NHL draft.

But I wouldn’t want him doing stupid things that embarrass himself and his team.

Andersson should be told that what he did was wrong, and in no uncertain terms. If I coached him, he’d get the full hair-dryer treatment.

It’s sickening to hear adults sanction idiotic behavior by kids.

Andersson’s future boss is among such dolts. Said Rangers Coach Alain Vigneault, “You want your players to compete, to be competitive, to not like to lose. All that part I like about it.”

Former NHL goalie Corey Hirsch invoked movie character Ricky Bobby, tweeting, “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

Somebody tell Hirsch that Rocky Bobby is both fictional, and a buffoon. Who the frig would quote Ricky Bobby is a serious vein?

Crappy kids grow up to become crappy adults. We’re already being overwhelmed by the residue of that.

There’s a bigger picture than winning. The more we forget that, the deeper the hole gets.

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