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Fertilizer is being spread thick in the wake of the Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen trades. So I want to present some undeniable Pirate truths:

*Bob Nutting is a billionaire, and the ninth-richest owner in MLB. He can afford to spend more money. He chooses not to.

*The Pirates will show a profit this year before one ticket is sold.

*Nutting does not want to sell the Pirates. He will milk that cash cow until the udders fall off.

*The Pirates are not rebuilding, reloading, or contending. They are maximizing profit by any means possible. That is the franchise’s philosophy.

*They got OK return for Cole, bad return for McCutchen.

*Nutting is the proprietor of the scam. Except it’s not really a scam. Nutting is conning you out of your money in plain sight.

*President Frank Coonelly, GM Neal Huntington and manager Clint Hurdle are just following orders. But they are co-conspirators.

*In three years, PNC Park will be 20 years old. Nutting is going to want your tax dollars to pay for renovation.

*Nutting does not care about winning. When it occurs, it’s a happy accident that creates more revenue.

I’m sure there are more. But that’s a basic user’s guide. The main priority is profit, and everything else trickles down.

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