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If a spectator yells “Dilly, dilly!” at the Masters, he/she will be ejected and perhaps even sent to the pit of misery.

The Bud Light tag line is among several phrases banned at Augusta National.

I have mixed emotions about the etiquette of golf. The atmosphere can be too sterile, especially at a place like Augusta.

But why would anybody yell “Dilly, dilly!” or “Get in the hole!” or “Baba Booey!” or “Mashed potatoes!” after (or during) a shot? What’s the point? It’s stupid for the sake of being stupid, a lame attempt to be part of the event instead of observing.

Recording concerts on camera phones is a close relative. Whether it’s sports or music, why can’t you just watch/listen?

Proponents of having fun won’t agree. “LET ‘EM YELL! LET ‘EM HAVE FUN! WHAT’S WRONG WITH HAVING FUN?”

OK, but what if the golfers don’t think it’s fun? Golf is a different environment than, say, football, and life isn’t this bottomless reservoir of fun. Is fun still fun if it’s at the expense of the event?

I wonder if I can yell “Loose lips eat chips!” at Augusta.

BTW, Bud Light hit the absolute jackpot with “Dilly, dilly!” Ben Roethlisberger used it as an audible, you may recall.

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