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The hit by Tom Wilson that broke Zach Aston-Reese’s head has mostly ruined the Stanley Cup playoffs as far as I’m concerned, and especially the series between the Penguins and Washington.

Not just the hit, but the subsequent controversy, a discussion that has seen far too many criticize Wilson’s three-game ban and make him the victim.

Yesterday, I watched the Champions League semifinal game between Liverpool FC and AS Roma. Hate soccer if you like, but when I turned on the TV, I knew there was very little chance of anything happening that was excessively stupid.

Wilson defines “excessively stupid.” His demolition of Aston-Reese was his third head shot in nine playoff games. The first two went undisciplined.

The Penguins-Capitals series is like a ticking time bomb. Just wait until Wilson returns for Game 7. It will be like the Roman Colosseum, and I mean that in the worst possible way.

Every time I see a replay of that hit, or of Wilson laughing, or hear some dopey talking-head ex-player say it was a “clean hit” and express support for Wilson, it will turn my stomach and make me not want to watch.

Perhaps I shouldn’t. Perhaps nobody should.

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