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There’s only one Ted Nugent.

Thank God. The world couldn’t handle two.

Ted’s politics are his business, and I don’t mind most of them. It’s bad when they take up too much talk time at his concerts, but there’s no negotiating.

He’s a brilliant guitarist and songwriter with a voice that fits. I’ve seen Ted live dozens of times, and he never disappoints. He reaches a level of intensity on certain songs – “Great White Buffalo” and “Stranglehold,” for example – which few performers are able to match.

I’ve interviewed Ted, and it’s intriguing. He offered to take me bow-hunting once. I declined, for the sake of not being a head on his wall.

The Motor City Madman, tonight at Greensburg’s Palace Theater. CAN’T WAIT.

Vince Neil (Friday at The Meadows) and Blue Oyster Cult (Saturday at the Meadows) were both excellent over the weekend.

Neil did exactly as required: Motley Crue’s hits played LOUD.

Blue Oyster Cult are one of rock’s most underrated bands ever. If you’re a Ghost fan, check out BOC, who are clearly one of Ghost’s primary musical influences.

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