Greta Van Fleet is not only resurrecting the concept of ‘70s-style classic rock, they’re also reviving the MTV glory days-era music video. Here’s their latest, “When the Curtain Falls.”

Between mysterious figures clad in robes, glowing eyes, burning trees, shooting stars, an eclipse and being set on various peaks and crags (one of which is encircled by one of Saturn’s rings), it invokes Jimmy Page climbing the mountain in “The Song Remains the Same.”

But don’t say the Z-word.

Greta Van Fleet are brilliant. As Slash said in Rolling Stone, “It makes me really happy to see it. I wish they didn’t sound so much like Led Zeppelin, but still, the idea of ***kin’ four kids getting onstage and just playing their ***kin’ asses off with just a couple amps and a drum kit, and just playing their instruments, as opposed to having all this other ***kin’ shit going on, you know, that’s really healthy, and I think that’s inspiring.”

Greta Van Fleet opened two shows on Guns N' Roses' European tour this past June.

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