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During Game 3 of the American League Division Series between Boston and the New York Yankees, first base umpire Angel Hernandez had four calls challenged in four innings.

Three were overturned. Yuck.

Hernandez - who had 18 calls at first base challenged during the last three regular seasons, with 14 overturned - should be removed from the series, and the playoffs.

Instead, he will umpire home plate in Game 4.

If a player performs in embarrassing fashion, he gets benched.

Where's the accountability with umpires? What's it take to get pulled from an important assignment, or fired? Replay fixes, but it rendered last night's game farcical.

Hernandez is suing MLB, citing race discrimination as the reason he's not been promoted to crew chief, nor received World Series assignments since working the Series in 2002 and '05.

The case is still pending. MLB should submit video of last night's atrocity as Exhibit A.

A fellow Latino took Hernandez to task on TBS' post-game show.

"Angel was horrible," said Hall-of-Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez. "Major League Baseball needs to do something about Angel. It doesn't matter how many times he sues Major League Baseball. He's as bad as there is."

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