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…a nation reborn.

The Purge TV series wrapped up its 10-episode first season on USA Network last night. It was excellent, a fitting accompaniment to the movie franchise.

It’s hard to pick an MVP for “The Purge” TV series, especially given the body count.

But, even though he was purged (illegally) at the conclusion of last night’s show, I’d go with Lee Tergesen, who played Joe Owens.

Joe was an upright citizen, a blue-collar worker unhinged by the craziness surrounding him – very reminiscent of Tobias Beecher, Tergesen’s character in the HBO prison drama “Oz.” Joe might not have imploded, but The Purge flipped his switch.

When the siren sounds to end The Purge, Miguel holds Joe at a disadvantage. Joe chastises Miguel for even thinking about killing him – “Miguel, it’s murder” – even as he promises to finish off Miguel and his sister next Purge.

Joe follows the rules. Miguel doesn’t.

So Miguel kills him – “Just before the siren,” as Pete the Cop heard it.

Great series. Great season.

We won’t see Joe Owens next Purge. But I’ll still watch.

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