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The Carolina Hurricanes are doing OK. Perhaps a bit better than expected at 11-9-3. After home wins, the Hurricanes are indulging some victory celebrations that rival NFL choreography: Witness the viking clap, jumping into the end boards en masse, paddling the canoe and dominos falling.

If such tomfoolery is legit funny, I take it. Otherwise, I leave it.

But, for me, the tiebreaker is: Brian Burke hates it. So I love it.

Brian Burke is a hockey lifer: Minor-league player, agent, NHL general manager, NHL team executive, NHL executive, and media pundit.

He is also a miserable douchebag. Everyone I know that knows Burke hates him.

So when Burke says, “I think it’s absurdly amateurish, pee-wee garbage stuff,” it makes me hope every NHL team mimics the ‘Canes post-win antics.

Score one for the Hurricanes’ Twitter:

My final analysis: Carolina’s celebratory histrionics are mostly dumb, but well-meant and not look-at-me ego-jerking like similar revelry that involves sponsorship by a pizza chain. But, to be clear, mostly dumb.

But the ‘Canes are only playing to two-thirds capacity at home. They’re wise to give the fans that do show up something extra to cheer. And they only use excess to celebrate wins. Not after interceptions when their team trails by 14.

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