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Bob Probert might have been the best fighter and toughest player in NHL history. In my book, only ex-Penguin Bob “Battleship” Kelly compares.

Probert was a good guy. He did an angle with World Championship Wrestling during my time there. Probert was fun to hang out with.

Probert could play a little bit, too. He had seasons of 29, 20 and 19 goals. Not bad for an enforcer. He skated in the NHL from 1985-2002.

In 1987-88 with Detroit, Probert had 29 goals, 33 assists and 398 penalty minutes. Wow.

But when Probert died at age 45 in 2010, it was hard to feel sorry for him. The prison time, drugs, alcohol and off-ice brawling: All Probert’s problems were of his own making. (Though he was diagnosed with CTE after his death.)

Coming soon: “Tough Guy,” a documentary on Probert’s life. See the trailer below.

Witness also Probert’s angle with WCW, in which he rescued Bruce MacArthur from the assault of Tank Abbott. (Been there, done that.) MacArthur was a member of the Chicago Blackhawks ownership family. Probert was a Blackhawk at the time.

Probert hit the ring a bit late. Maybe he felt he was underpaid. (Yes, that’s me on color commentary.)

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