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The relationship between ex-Steeler James Harrison and Coach Mike Tomlin has taken a nasty turn.

They used to pose for selfies. Now Harrison puts Tomlin on blast.

Harrison said on FOX Sports that Tomlin A) doesn’t have his team ready, B) has a bad defense despite plenty of first-round components and C) won his only Super Bowl ring with Bill Cowher’s team.

That’s true, that’s true, and ouch! Full video below.

I’ve got to give Harrison grudging credit: He’s not bad on TV. He talks OK, and has presence.

Most important, Harrison doesn’t protect the brotherhood. Criticizing Tomlin might strike Steelers fans as ungrateful, and it is. Harrison is no stranger to ingratitude when it comes to the Steelers.

But everything Harrison said is true. That’s Harrison’s job now.

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