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I never saw Led Zeppelin. First I was too young, then tragedy intervened.

So I had to wait until I was 24 to see Jimmy Page play live. May 5, 1985. The Firm played the Civic Arena. The lights went down, and there he was, launching into “Closer”: The grand sorcerer of the magick guitar. I was overcome.

Jimmy Page meant that much to me. He still does.

On the occasion of Jimmy’s 75th birthday, I will celebrate by seeing five Led Zeppelin tribute shows this month. (Too much is never enough.) I also present you with a selection of his work, seen below.

For me, Jimmy Page is the best guitar player ever. Eclectic, inventive and unique. If there’s a sound to be had, Page finds it. He’s cool as ***k, too.

If I could be granted one wish as I get closer to shuffling off this mortal coil, seeing Page play live once more would merit strong consideration. “Dazed and Confused.” Marathon version, please.

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