Trump hasn’t gotten his wall. Neither did Marc-Andre Fleury.

The ex-Penguin goaltender tried to pull a fast one when Vegas pulled him last night at Winnipeg: Upon exiting the net with 2:23 remaining and the Jets leading, 2-1, Fleury used his stick to build a small wall of snow in front of the cage.

It probably wouldn’t have done much good. In this case, “small” = virtually non-existent.

But we’ll never know, because the referees caught Fleury and brushed his wall aside. When the refs visited the bench to discuss, Fleury hid behind his glove and laughed. (By the letter of the rulebook, Fleury’s act could have given Winnipeg an awarded goal.)

Winnipeg scored two empty-net goals and won, 4-1. Crime doesn’t pay.

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