March 8 brings the release of a 35th anniversary edition of my favorite Whitesnake LP, “Slide It In.”

Whitesnake’s next album, eponymously titled and issued in 1987, was the band’s big breakthrough in America.

But “Slide It In” marked Whitesnake’s transition from a bluesy sound to rock with a harder edge. The marriage of the styles (and some amazing tracks) made the work memorable. Many tunes from “Slide It In” still feature in Whitesnake’s live set.

The 35th anniversary release will feature a re-mix, the original U.S. mix, the original U.K. mix, out-takes, B-sides and demos, as well as a DVD featuring music videos and live clips. I’m looking forward to the Eddie Kramer mix of the “Guilty of Love” single. I left my original copy in a bar’s jukebox 30 years ago.

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