This is the most expensive hockey fight in recent memory: The Penguins’ Evgeni Malkin and Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos each make $9.5 million. Lots of skill was involved, too, but none that necessarily translates to brawling. But Malkin did score a takedown.

The question begs: WTF were these two thinking? If you break your hand, or cheekbone, your team is horribly affected. Malkin seems to have an issue with his left hand: He’s wearing two different brands of gloves, and declined to drop his left mitt.

Full credit to Malkin: His scrap with Stamkos reflected the level of fire displayed in his game last night. The eye test provides more proof than his two assists: Malkin played hard on the puck and went from slot to slot with energy, commitment and edge.

Good job by Malkin. Just don’t fight anymore.

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