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For Sidney Crosby, it was a typical night vs. the Philadelphia Flyers: One goal, two assists, Penguins win.

It never gets old, does it?

Crosby’s goal appeared a bit fluky, and a favorable bounce sealed the deal. But that was the end result of a great three-man forecheck by Crosby, Jake Guentzel and Bryan Rust. Crosby won a puck battle against two Flyers to ignite the sequence.

Crosby now has 97 points in 65 career regular-season games vs. Philadelphia. He’s got 36 points in 23 career playoff games vs. Philadelphia.

Those numbers further establish Crosby as a true son of Pittsburgh, a direct descendant of those of us who suffered 0-39-3 at Philadelphia from 1974-89, and he arrived to wreak retribution again and again.

Crosby hates the Flyers as much as we do.

That’s a lot of hate, and even more points.

It's even better when Crosby breaks the Flyers' hearts in Philadelphia, and sticks it straight up the backsides of the dipsticks in attendance. Rectum? Crosby kills 'em.

Crosby is an avenging angel in black and gold. It’s got a “Game of Thrones” feel to it.

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