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I hate when somebody complains about the NHL playoff format.

The format changes every so often, and you hear grousing no matter what it is.

The Penguins and Washington Capitals are the ones who ought to bitch. They play each other too early, and too often.

But the Penguins and Capitals don’t fuss. (Champions rarely do.) They get on with it, and the result is awesome hockey in each of the last three post-seasons.

Boston’s Brad Marchand is the latest to grumble.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” said Marchand, reacting to the Bruins’ likely first-round matchup with semi-legit contender Toronto despite the Bruins having the third-most points in the NHL.

If the whole Eastern Conference was seeded, as many would prefer, the Bruins would play lesser light Carolina in the first round if the playoffs started today.

Marchand has a Stanley Cup ring. He should know better.

If you want to play an so-called "easier" team, you might not be mentally prepared for a harder team.

I love that the Penguins and Capitals play so often in the playoffs. The past three post-seasons have produced 19 great games between those teams. The Penguins have won 10, the Capitals nine. I like watching that.

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