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Antonio Brown stabbed JuJu Smith-Schuster in the back on Twitter.

AB consoled JuJu at his locker after Smith-Schuster fumbled away potential victory (and a playoff berth) at New Orleans in Week 16.

But yesterday on Twitter, Brown showed his true colors after somebody posted a photo of Smith-Schuster that was captioned "2018 Steelers Most Valuable Player." (That team vote was doubtless the trigger for much of Brown's stupidity after.)

Smith-Schuster tweeted back twice, sounding more upset than angry.

Brown is a jerk. I would hope you already figured that.

Smith-Schuster's feelings are hurt. But it would look better if he was pissed off, not misty.

But this is a good thing for the Steelers and Smith-Schuster.

You don't want Brown and Smith-Schuster to stay close.

You don't want Smith-Schuster to absorb that venom.

You don't want Smith-Schuster to morph into AB, version 2.

So if Brown and Smith-Schuster aren't friends anymore, that's a good thing.

Blaming Smith-Schuster via Twitter and from a distance after being nice to his face = typical AB. He's a first-class talent but a low-rent human being.

There's no arguing that anymore.

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