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…his feet stick out the bed.

Peter Crouch wasn’t unique. But as a 6-foot-7 striker with skills that went beyond his aerial game, Crouch was unusual. He had a touch of Ichabod Crane about him.

Crouch, 38, retired today. He played 599 professional games, scoring 145 times. He netted 22 times in 85 games for Liverpool FC from 2005-08.

Crouch is hilarious. He would occasionally “robot dance” after scoring. When asked what he would be if he wasn’t a footballer, Crouch famously replied, “A virgin.” (He’s married to model Abbey Clancy. So Crouch did OK in that department.)

He’s here, he’s there, his head’s up in the air…but he scored on bicycle kicks, too. Well done, Crouchy. #YNWA

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