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Steelers outside ‘backer Bud Dupree will have a breakout season. Dupree will lead the team in sacks, or finish close behind T.J. Watt.

That’s a bold prediction.

Dupree has mostly underachieved during his four campaigns as a Steeler. He’s never topped six sacks in a season. He had 5.5 last year.

But Dupree will nonetheless excel in 2019.

It will be a triumph of the modern athlete.

Dupree doesn’t care about winning. He doesn’t care about “team.” He doesn't care about excelling.

But Dupree does care about money.

Dupree is in the last year of his contract. He declined a long-term extension.

Dupree is betting on himself.

Dupree has talent. He was a first-round pick. He’s shown flashes.

Now Dupree has painted himself into a corner, and will be fueled by the only thing that truly motivates the typical modern athlete: Money.

Dupree will get at least 10 sacks. Bet that.

Then, Dupree will go play somewhere else at a more inflated rate than the Steelers are willing to pay.

That’s OK. One great year before departure is better than Dupree sticking around for a string of additional disappointing seasons. The Dupree situation is perfect for the Steelers.

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