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There were two major negative occurrences during the Penguins' 5-2 victory last night at New Jersey.

*Defenseman Kris Letang took a seriously ill-advised penalty to put the Penguins down two men while nursing a 2-1 lead in the third period. (Click HERE to read more.)

*Goaltender Matt Murray totally whiffed on the Devils’ first goal.

Nikita Gusev’s shot didn’t literally go through Murray’s catching glove. But it certainly appeared to. It took the replay to convince me otherwise.

Remember when you played Little League baseball and a ball went through your glove because a string broke in the webbing? That’s what Gusev’s goal looked like.

Gusev was basically just trying to play catch. It should have been an easy save.

That goal can’t go in. If Murray is the No. 1 goalie, stop that puck.

Murray made 20 saves on 22 shots. That’s adequate. If Murray stops that first goal, it’s a really good performance.

But he didn’t. The Penguins won. But they need better from Murray.

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