Check out the Steelers’ attempt to turn JuJu Smith-Schuster into a comic-book superhero. Marlon Humphrey will play Lex Luthor. JuJu’s Kryptonite = fumbles that knock the Justice League out of the playoffs. Can’t wait for the sequel.

JuJu isn’t Superman. Superman’s receptions never decreased by 69 from one season to the next. He never dropped Lois Lane.

Antonio Brown was Batman. JuJu was Robin: Proven better in a supporting role. Now, JuJu might be Bizarro-Batman, who wears a Futility Belt. (See? I can Google.)

If this seems mean-spirited, too bad. Enough hype. Deliver. Be a No. 1 receiver. Make the playoffs. Being "always lit" isn't enough. The social-media Chippendales act that co-stars James Conner has already worn thin.

Thumbnail via Getty Images.

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