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On Twitter, there seems to be undue worrying…well, about everything.

But let’s focus on what’s hockey-related, specifically the idea that the Penguins should mete out justice to Montreal’s Max Domi for taking liberties with Sidney Crosby.

Domi is taking the odd shot at Crosby. Domi could play for me, and his doing that is one reason why. He’s a skilled, gritty player. He’s Brad Marchand (very) Lite.

But Domi’s transgressions aren’t severe. Crosby can handle himself.

The main reason the Penguins can’t take issue with Domi, however, is because the minute the Penguins go into the revenge business, they’re out of the hockey business. If there are a lot of scrums and extracurricular activities, the Penguins get rattled. Precision and discipline go out the window.

You shouldn’t want that.

But, if Domi’s peskiness gets your bowels in an uproar, here’s an idea: Punch yourself in the face, and pretend it’s Domi.

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