Mark Madden

Mark Madden

The Super Genius of Pittsburgh Sports.Full Bio



Many factors made me what I am professionally:

*Pro wrestling and especially its greatest performer, Ric Flair.

*Doug Hoerth, Pittsburgh's top radio talk host ever.

*Jim Bouton’s book, “Ball Four,” the first and best sports tell-all.

*Doug Kenney and National Lampoon magazine.

*CREEM. America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine.

CREEM published from 1969-89. It was the anti-Rolling Stone. (Boy, we could use one of those today.)

CREEM was irreverent and funny. It was very hit-and-miss, reflecting the work of its most famous writer, Lester Bangs. But when CREEM hit, it was magic. Everything else was in New York or Los Angeles. CREEM was in Detroit. CREEM had its finger on the pulse of rock’s fans. Rolling Stone was (and is) just self-flagellating.

CREEM didn’t see itself as important. That’s why it was so important.

J.J. Kramer, son of founder Barry, recently said, “The world might need CREEM more than ever.” Amen.

I rip off CREEM constantly. I can pay no higher compliment.

There’s a new documentary on CREEM (trailer below). I can’t wait to watch it, just like I couldn’t wait to read CREEM every month. Boy Howdy!

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