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Free-agent RB Le’Veon Bell just had his seventh kid. The former Steeler has six baby mamas. This one’s an Instagram model, if you can believe. She’s very attractive. 

When Bell started playing football, perhaps he dreamed of catching Emmitt Smith for the NFL’s all-time rushing lead. But, since his career has gone to ***t and he’s currently unemployed, his best bet might be to overtake former NFL DB Antonio Cromartie in children fathered. Cromartie has 14 kids by eight different women.

It’s like Tiger Woods chasing Jack Nicklaus. Alex Ovechkin chasing Wayne Gretzky.

As long as there are Instagram models looking for a payday, Bell has a shot.

Bell needs to get a job. He has a lot of mouths to feed. Not just kids, but IG models and strippers. Bell’s earning power has been snipped. Maybe his genitals should follow suit. 

Ex-QB Philip Rivers has nine kids, but they’re all with his wife. What’s he trying to prove? 

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