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The early going of these playoffs provided an interesting microcosm when it comes to hockey’s top stars. 

Edmonton’s Connor McDavid had 105 points in 56 games in the Canadian Minor Professional Hockey League, a/k/a the North division. His highlights filled the NHL Network. (Not SportsCenter; ESPN doesn’t care.) McDavid’s speed and skill got him labeled a “cheat code.” 

McDavid’s playoffs started Wednesday. Winnipeg beat Edmonton, 4-1. The “cheat code” had no points, two shots and was minus-2. The Jets clogged the neutral zone. Ms. Pac-Man got eaten. 

Crosby isn’t dominating these playoffs statistically: One goal in three games. 

But, just 34 seconds after Tanev’s goal, the Islanders’ Brock Nelson had a chance to put a rebound into an empty net. Crosby sprawled, got his stick blade on the puck and it flew harmlessly over the glass. 

McDavid doesn’t make that play. He’d never try to make that play. 

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