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Todd Frazier got cut by the Pirates two times. But the washed-up often just don’t know when to go away. 

So, the “Toddfather” (lol) is playing for the Sussex County (N.J.) Miners of the Frontier League. That’s the same league the Washington Wild Things play in. 

How the mighty have fallen. 

In a scheduling quirk, the Wild Things play at Sussex County 10 times between now and season’s end, but never host the Miners. 

What a shame. I bet I could have organized a group sale. 

Frazier is from New Jersey and will play for the U.S. baseball team in the Tokyo Olympics this July and August. So, this seems convenient and temporary. 

The U.S. team is composed of ex-MLB players who can’t get jobs: Frazier, Homer Bailey, Matt Wieters, Matt Kemp, etc. 

This ain’t Lake Placid, or storming the beach on D-Day. 

But the important thing is that the “Toddfather” (lol) is back swinging – and probably missing. He was 3-for-35 as a Pirate. 

What’s next, the California Penal League? The King and his Court? Tee-ball? 

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