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T.J. Watt got the contract he wanted. The Steelers capitulated. 

The notion that Watt “took less” to get the deal done is absurd. $80m guaranteed is more, not less. The Steelers demolished their business model for Watt. 

Watt got transcendent money. He needs to be a transcendent player game in and game out. He needs to be the reason the Steelers win. Click HERE to read my detailed expectations.

If football was truly a “team game,” every player would make the same. They don’t. An individual’s performance should reflect his paycheck. 

If Watt underachieves, no excuse will suffice. Watt needs to be the NFL’s best defensive player, and the best player on the Steelers. Watt has to do his best and then some. 

If the Steelers miss the playoffs, it’s Watt’s fault. 

Pittsburgh Steelers v Jacksonville Jaguars

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