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Here's an excerpt from my latest column. To read the entire piece, click HERE

David Ortiz hit 541 career home runs. Barry Bonds hit 762.  

Ortiz had 1,768 RBI. Bonds had 2,558.  

Ortiz hit .286. Bonds hit .298.  

Ortiz was a DH. Bonds won eight Gold Gloves.  

Ortiz never won an MVP. Bonds won seven.  

Ortiz flunked a steroid test in 2003. Bonds never flunked a steroid test.  

Guess which one got named to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday?

P.S. - Those who vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame would lead any league in hypocrisy and stupidity.

All they had to do to keep the anti-PEDs argument some semblance of legit was to never elect a player who flunked a steroid test.

But they did. It's mind-boggling.

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