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Mitch Trubisky got pulled at halftime Sunday. It appears Kenny Pickett is the Steelers’ starting quarterback. 

Trubisky’s tenure as the starter lasted only 3½ games. 

Is that fair? Did Trubisky get screwed? 

Kind of. That’s an awfully quick hook. 

But Trubisky didn’t play as well as he needed to. He was conservative to the point of scared. Trubisky lost the job. 

Mitch screwed Mitch. 

For Trubisky, the problems began when the Steelers drafted Pickett. 

Trubisky said he didn’t know the Steelers might draft a quarterback. 

Really, how could the Steelers have known Pickett would drop to the 20th pick? How often does the first quarterback taken go that late? 

But if the Steelers had even a faint notion that getting Pickett was possible, it would have been better to not sign Trubisky and instead use Mason Rudolph as their transition QB. 

Rudolph has experience with the team and system. The results ‘til now would have likely been roughly the same, the situation less clumsy. 

If the Steelers failed to get Pickett, then they could have signed a veteran backup. Draft your long-term quarterback next year, when the draft is drunk with QBs. Start Rudolph this year. (These Steelers were never going to make the playoffs no matter who was behind center.) 

Pro sports have nothing to do with fair, but what’s happened is unfair to Trubisky. Perhaps he’d have had a better chance had he signed with Seattle or Atlanta. But who’s to say those teams wanted Trubisky? 

Do you miss Ben Roethlisberger yet? 

It was time for him to retire, but Roethlisberger’s guile beats the New York Jets this past Sunday. No doubt.

UPDATE: Coach Mike Tomlin said that Trubisky, as offensive captain, will still go out for the pre-game coin toss. Just to make sure he's embarrassed as much as possible.

New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers

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