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Kenny Pickett’s performance in his debut NFL start might have been the bright spot in the Steelers’ 38-3 loss at Buffalo on Sunday. 

That shows how deep we’ve got to dig for bright spots. 

Pickett did OK, no better. 

The numbers don’t lie: In six quarters, Pickett has thrown zero touchdowns and four interceptions. He only put three points on the board Sunday. 

It’s tough to evaluate Pickett’s performance in a game that was marginally competitive, and for a very short time. 

Pickett battled. He got mad after absorbing some questionable hits. But who cares? Glamorizing that defines digging deep. 

Here’s Pickett’s stat line from Sunday: 34-for-52, 327 yards, no touchdowns, one interception, 74.8 passer rating, sacked thrice, the Steelers lost 38-3. 

If Mitch Trubisky did that, you’d crucify him. 

But it’s the golden boy. So, Pickett did terrific. 

Pickett threw some decent balls. Good mobility. He was victimized by drops. The offense looked only slightly more dynamic than it did with Trubisky. 

That’s a fair appraisal. 

Pickett did OK. Rome wasn’t built in a day. He’ll get better. 

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills

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