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After the Steelers beat Tampa Bay at home Sunday when Mitch Trubisky replaced a concussed Kenny Pickett in the third quarter and gave the team their best quarterbacking so far this season, this tweet was immediately posted: 

“Kenny is still the guy!” 

Which drew this response: 

“Based on what?” 

That’s a good question. 

What are the Steelers’ priorities? Is it about winning now, or the long-term? 

What’s the criteria? Do stats matter? (Trubisky's are better.)

If it’s important that the Steelers stay in the playoff race this season, that changes the decision-making process. The Steelers, despite being 2-4, are just one game out of first place in the AFC North. 

If you go by the numbers, Pickett has been subpar. He’s 55-of-83 for 514 yards, one touchdown, four interceptions and a 67.0 passer rating. 

Trubisky is 78-of-128 for 797 yards, three touchdowns, two interceptions and a 80.1 passer rating. 

But most of you think Trubisky stinks and Pickett has been great. 

If Pickett were a third-round pick from Utah and not a first-round choice out of Pitt, you’d think he sucks and wonder why the Steelers don’t have better.

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