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Here's an excerpt from my latest column. To read the whole thing, click HERE.

"Locals are [directing] their anger toward the NFL Network for cutting away from the halftime ceremony that honored Franco Harris. Commercials got shown. Steelers National wet its pants as one. 

But nothing short of war or a world leader’s death will pre-empt commercials. The entire halftime ceremony is readily available to see on-line, including the tribute video that got dumped. 

What happened isn’t a big deal. Unless you want to be mad. 

You should be mad about 7-8. But you’re not."

The ceremony and video were excellent. Terry Bradshaw's contribution was tear-jerking. The Steelers milked every last drop from eulogizing Franco. That's meant in the best way possible.

The crowd was Acrisure Stadium's most supportive and rabid in ages. Meaningless game, Christmas eve, Franco passed, frigid weather...if you went, you're nuts. That's also meant in the best way possible.

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers

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