Matt Twigg, Director of Development, Oryza Asian Grille

Oryza Asian Grill brings to market a fresh new look and feel to the familiar and highly successful "build your own" fast-casual model. Offering high-quality health-conscious options, many that boast gluten-free and low carb, Oryza's signature rice bowls, salads, and wraps incorporate Asian inspired sauces that patrons know and have come to love with fresh twists and surprising flavor combinations. Pledging the freshest ingredients and highest standards in meat and poultry offerings, and promising the personalized flexibility of build your own, Oryza invites you to "Experience the YUM" as it positions itself to emerge as a new player in the regional fast-casual market.

Matt Twigg is responsible for research and development of the Oryza Asian Grill concept as well as the overall business strategy and branding. Matt has worked closely with Mr. Xiao (President) over the last 15 years creating and implementing the Fusion Steakhouse concept since its inception. Responsible for the site selection and real estate dealings for all of the Fusion restaurants in addition to assisting closely with oversight of the design, financing, and construction management of the projects, Mr. Twigg also assists in aspects of the ongoing training and development of the management team and is responsible for the overall branding and marketing strategy for the Fusion Steakhouse concept. Matt will play a hands-on roll in the development of the initial Oryza management team and the implementation of key management systems to ensure its proper oversight and success.

CEO You Should Know - Matt Twigg from Oryza Asian Grille

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