Veil of Maya - Viscera

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Veil of Maya.

They've given us a new single, called "Viscera," which is djenty, full of blast beats, and of course... the melody you long for.

The last new track we heard from these guys was a single from 2020 called "Outsider," which is a jaaaam.

I recall the first time I saw Veil of Maya. The year escapes me, perhaps 2010. They still had their former singer - ahem, or should I merely call him a vocalist. Their performance was entertaining. It took some getting used to for my ears, and most of my reactions were along the lines of "holy crap, am I bleeding?"

The band formed quite some time ago, with frequent shuffling of band members before getting signed. Then more shuffling of members as more albums were released.

It's as if there's 2 versions of Veil of Maya, divided by the vocalists. You have the Brandon Butler days, where there's mostly growling, and jeez - he does it well.

But in 2014, Lukas Magyar joined the band as their new vocalist, taking the band to a new level - with melody. He sings. And you wait for it.

The melody-packed Veil of Maya didn't come without criticism from long-time fans. You'll have that. But Matriarch came with jam after jam in 2015, and False Idol in 2017. They're equally great.

My re-introduction came from my sister who said, "remember that band we saw, Veil of Maya?" Oh, I remembered. The former singer & the sound they had wasn't something I'd soon forget. My sister informed me they had a replacement singer, and it was something I needed to check out. Introducing, Matriarch, and my new love of Lukas Magyar's contributions.

Take a listen to the new track, and dive deep into whatever era Veil of Maya you'd like.

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