Dave Grohl Answers Drum-Off Challenge From 10 Year Old Nandi Bushell

I recently discovered Nandi Bushell - a 10 year old musician who has become insanely popular for her drum covers of popular rock songs.

A few weeks ago, she challenged Dave Grohl to a drum off by playing through their tune 'Everlong'

As you can tell, this 10 year old has much more talent than myself and it isn't close. People seem to want to nitpick her play throughs sometimes, but I have zero clue why as she is pretty damn good for a kid that age. Anyway after a few days of waiting, she got a response from Mr. Grohl himself - who was playing on his daughter Harper's drum set.

She was able to put together a reaction video of her watching his response for the first time too

Nandi has already had brushes with greatness, like when she got gifted a guitar by Tom Morello or when she got invited on tour by Dua Lipa. But getting a direct response from a legendary figure like Dave Grohl is hard to top! I am excited to follow along with this girl and see how her career progresses as she gets older. Here are some other awesome videos I have enjoyed from her channel

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