Jon Davis, rockstar to the rock stars

oh, knowing korn, there's probably explicit lyrics here:

the 90s were the last era of 'rockstar-ness' it seems, sure, now bands tweet about their feelings .. but then, it was a whole different scene...  check this story:

The biggest memory Jonathan Davis has of Korn making 1998's Follow the Leader? All the booze and drugs they consumed.

Davis spoke with The Ringer ahead of the three shows the band's playing next month to mark Leader's 20th anniversary, and he recalls it as the time of his last bender before he got on the wagon in August 1998. He estimates that the band's liquor bill for the three months of sessions topped out at $60,000, and adds, “That’s not even counting the drug money I spent on blow."

Davis also didn't want to record the vocals on the album opener "It's On!" until a "Scarface-sized pile of cocaine" was placed in front of him at the mic. Oh, and there was an orgy with some fellow rock stars happening at the same time.

Davis says, “It was the pinnacle of rock and roll excess. I’m singing on a record, I’m high on cocaine, and there’s some [woman providing oral sex to] an amazing musician that’s in an amazing band -- I’m not naming names... But it was a one of my homies and one of those porn stars. It was amazing.”

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