Dave Draiman on new Disturbed

David Draiman is pretty confident that Disturbed's new album, Evolution, will be a big success.

Draiman tells Metal Hammer, “If I died after this record came out, and this was the end of our legacy, I’d be OK with that. To me, this is our [version of Metallica's] Black Album. We’ve always used that as a goal -- the record that literally every single track on it could be a hit. A record that breaks doors down, that opens up new opportunities to us, that helps you achieve true immortality as an artist.”

Draiman adds that the crossover success of "The Sound of Silence" had a big impact on Evolution, which is due out October 19th."'The Sound of Silence' taught us that we shouldn’t be afraid of pushing the boundaries. We’ve been hungering for years to do material like what we’ve done on the new record. Some people just like the heavy stuff and they don’t want to take a breather. For me -- and I’ve used this analogy before -- the slap feels much more satisfying after the caress.”